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Poster Lilly Traverse City - Marie_2019_

Marie Allsopp

Purdue University
Poster A: 

R-1-2-3: Lessons Learned After One Semester At an R-1 University!

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Annalie Campos

Oakland University
Poster B: 

Stories in Classrooms with Foreign-born Professor

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E. DUTTON Poster PDF.jpg

Emily Dutton

Indiana University
Poster C:

Collaboration and Comradery: Living-Learning Center Curriculum Fosters Community and...

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Floyd-Slabaugh pic.jpg

Carla Floyd-Slabaugh

Scott Truskowski

Grand Valley State University
Poster D:

Flipped Orientation: Using Classroom Strategies to Redesign Program Orientation  

2019 Flipped Orientation Floyd-Slabaugh.
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Gaule, Lilly Confrence Poster.jpg

Jaclyn Gaule

Wayne State University
Poster E:

Selling an Idea: A Critical Thinking Activity

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Nancy Grigg

University of Michigan- Flint

Sherri Donovan

Baker College of Allen Park

Tammie Elgammal

Baker College of Allen Park
Poster F: 

Framing for Meaningful Learning: A Critical Thinking Experience

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Judy Haefner


Marilyn Filter

University of Michigan- Flint
Poster G:

Interprofessional Education and Collaboration in the Graduate Nursing Mental Health...

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Hansel Picture.jpeg

Cassandra Hansel

Central Michigan University
Poster H: 

Integrating Self-Efficacy and Task Oriented Messages in Social Media

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Hansel Poster11.jpg

Christopher Kellner


Victoria Fleenor

Cornerstone University
Poster I:

Listening to Students: Integrating Computer Information Systems into Finance Curriculum

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Christine Kenney

Melissa Sreckovic

University of Michigan- Flint
Poster J:

Practicing What We Preach: Differentiating Instruction in Higher Education Classrooms

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LeBlanc Lilly Poster Oct 2019.jpg

Sarah LeBlanc

Perdue University Fort Wayne
Poster K:

Teaching Communication Course(s) Without Communication Students: A Project-Based Learning...

00:00 / 01:29

Margaret Mikula

Elaine Meyer

University of Michigan- Dearborn
Poster L:

Building Confidence Intervals and a Bridge to the Library

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Moral Distress Student_Poster Lilly Conf

Larissa Miller

Lansing Community College
Poster M:

Moral Distress in Nursing Students: Precursor to Early Occupational Burnout?

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Posillico - Headshot.jpg

John Posillico

Ferris State University
Poster N: 

Defining Soft Skills for Comprehension and Incorporation into Technical Programs

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John P. Poster - FINAL.jpg
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Jessica Rico

Oakland University
Poster O:

Academic Coaching: Using Life Coaching Skills in the Classroom

00:00 / 01:28
jr photo cropped.jpg

Julie Apker

Susan Stapleton

Mary Anne Sydlik

Western Michigan University
Poster P:

Promoting Inquiry-Based Teaching in STEM: Professional Development for TAs

00:00 / 02:08
Stapelton_FINAL Promo Inquir-Base Learn
Gulley and Thomas poster.jpg

Jeff Thomas

Joyce Gulley

University of Southern Indiana
Poster Q:

Bringing Learning Alive Through Video

00:00 / 01:15
Joyce Gulley.jpg

Tina Thornton

Saginaw Valley State University
Poster R:

Collaboration Between Nursing and Theatre Department in Simulation

00:00 / 01:33

Maureen Tippen

University of Michigan- Flint
Poster S:

Embedding the Art of Nursing in a Pediatric Clinical Course

00:00 / 01:10

Lisa Wall

Delta College
Poster T: 

Incorporating Service-Learning into Your Course, What Works and What Doesn’t

00:00 / 01:11
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R. Marshall Werner

University of Michigan- Flint
Poster U:

LightBoard Videos to Reduce Cognitive Loading

Mike Vasicek.jpg

Mike Vasicek

Steven Hundersmarck

Ferris State University
Poster V: 

Thinking Through Video. An abstract of the material follows

00:00 / 01:14
Hundersmarck Vasick Presentation.jpg
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