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Call for Proposals Opens

February 6th, 2023 


As this conference is a self-supported event and presenters make up such a large percentage of the group, we do require all presenters  register and pay the conference registration fee. To ensure the accuracy of the conference program, all presenters must register by​ March 15. Any presenter/co-presenter not registered will not be listed on conference materials.

Attending the Conference

Lilly Conferences are committed to creating events that build community among its participants. In order to accomplish this, it is expected that presenters participate in the whole conference, sharing with and learning from one another.

Presenter Versus Author

It is our policy to list only attending presenters on conference materials rather than contributing authors. If you wish to give credit to co-authors for their work, you may include a line in the abstract that says the work was done in collaboration with them.

Name Badges Required

It is the tradition of Lilly Conferences to not include titles or roles on name badges, such as “Dr.” or “Presenter.” We certainly understand, value, and respect your achievements in scholarly work.


The practice of omitting such titles helps to facilitate building community among all attendees across the conference experience.


Name badges are worn throughout the conference event and are necessary to access meals, refreshments, sessions, and the reception. 

When you arrive...

At the conference registration desk you will receive your printed name badge, which is on a perforated sheet with the following parts:


  • Your name tag (slides into the provided name badge)

  • 1 personalized free registration raffle ticket

  • 3 personalized book raffle tickets

  • 3 networking cards you may exchange with other attendees should you want to follow up on a conversation, at a later time or date.


If at any point after the proposal is submitted, a presenter realizes that they will no longer be able to present, please let us know so that we can make appropriate programming decisions. If the presenter needs to cancel AFTER the program is assembled, again, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may offer the spot to proposals on the waitlist. As the session has already been reviewed, it can be deferred to a future Lilly event.

Making a difference together


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