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Link to Proposal Form

The Call for Proposals is OPEN!

Preparing your presentation proposal: 

Call for Proposals.png

Presenter Information: 

  • Lead presenter's name and email

  • Email for each co-presenter

Session Information: 

  • Title (strictly limited to 10 words)

  • Each presenter's name and affiliation 

  • Institutional logo (PNG square image 300x300)

  • Key terms (3) to describe your session

  • Key statement (i.e., mini-abstract or "elevator pitch," 25 words)

Session Details: 

  • Full abstract (100 words maximum; avoid identifiers where possible) 

  • 3 learner-centered outcomes ​​

  • Session timeline/outline (How will your content be presented across your allotted session time? Five to 10 minute segments are most helpful.)

  • Track/Subtheme (select two): 

    • Assessment (formative/summative/program)

    • Classroom Community/Culture

    • Course/Curriculum (Re)Design

    • Experiential Learning (e.g., storytelling, narratives, experiments, service-learning)

    • Fostering Student Practice (e.g., interleaving, retrieval strategies)

    • Grading/Providing Feedback to Students

    • Indirect Instruction (e.g., reflective discussion, problem-solving, writing to inform, concept mapping)

    • Instructional Methods (e.g., case studies, simulations, inquiry cooperative learning, collaborative learning)

    • Instructional Skills (e.g., developing syllabus, presenting, facilitating discussions, class culture)

    • Interactive Instruction (e.g., jigsaw, debates, panels)

    • Online/Hybrid/Hyflex Instruction

    • Resiliency/Self-Care/Mindfulness

    • Technology in the Classroom

    • UDL DEI

    • Other

  • Engaged Learning Strategy

    • (Select 2 -- 40-Minute Sessions ONLY. Consider as a resource for exploring activities that fit your presentation topic and instructional style.) 

      • ​Anonymous Cards

      • Case Study

      • Concept Map

      • Gallery Walk

      • Generate a List

      • Jigsaw

      • Lecture Wrapper

      • Minute Paper

      • Passing Notes

      • Question/Answer

      • Storytelling

      • Text a Friend

      • Think-Pair-Share

      • Visible Classroom Opinion Poll

      • 3-2-1 Process


  • 3-5 Publications that serve as the underpinnings of your presentation (APA Style) 

Evidence-Based Teaching & Learning

At ITLC Lilly Conferences we promote evidence-based teaching and learning.  All proposals undergo a blind peer review. Not all presentations are based on original research or SoTL projects, but all are supported by a strong pedagogical foundation.


Presenters vs. Authors

ITLC Lilly conference makes a distinction between presenters and authors.  Presenters who register for the conference and present the session are listed in conference materials; authorship is credited by the presenter within the session.

Making a difference together


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