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Feedback Activities and Student Learning



Feedback, assessment, self-reflection

Presented by:

Debra Kasel, Saint Paul College

Key Statement:

The student learning experience in a Respiratory Therapy Program was examined through the lens of the student by using exam wrappers.


Student learning experience in a Respiratory Therapy Program was examined through the lens of the student. Using a Sense of Belonging survey and exam wrappers the instructor was able to gain insight into instructional methodologies which impacted student learning.

Learning Outcomes:

Describe the influence of instructor feedback as it relates to student learning.
Create a plan to evaulate psychological safety.

Understand how students use feedback to create a learning plan.

Hear it from the author:

Feedback Activities and Student LearningDebra Kasel, Saint Paul College
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My name is Deborah and I am an instructor and the respiratory care program at St. Paul College.

The purpose of my study was to examine the impacts of certain assessment activities within the respiratory care program and how that helped prepare the students for a mock professional exam they take in their last semester within the program. What I had the students do was complete their normal activities within the program and the courses, provide a given me feedback on set activities and I would provide them feedback on what they how they were using the activities to prepare. Then I also asked the students to complete a sense of belonging survey during that course. And then in the spring semester, they took their profession, mock professional exam. And what we found was the students had a strong sense of belonging within the program, the college, but from the instructor. But there was no statistical inference between their scores in the sense of belonging. But it did inform the instructor and activity the students found valuable. And these are things that instructor can take forward to use for future classes.

Thank you.


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